Wild Pollen Lip Balm {Tutorial}

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Terra Cotta Air Fresheners {Tutorial}

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Lavender Sachets {Tutorial}

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Welp, I am a bit scared.

I got my ultrasound results back and it says I have something called ascites in the upper right quadrant  of my abdomen. I have to get more tests done now. I looked up what caused ascites and none of the reasons are good. I am a bit worried. Waiting for more tests to be done. I hope it is a misdiagnosis. I need some hugs. :’[ 

Any of you have any experiences with ascites?

Oh man you guys, I didn’t realize that my favorite chips weren’t sold everywhere. They are called Grippos and they are amazing BBQ goodness.

Ghost Wreath {Tutorial}

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I have been sick for a couple months so I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and they think that my gal bladder is messed up. I am getting an ultra sound tomorrow to find out if my gal bladder is making me so sick, if it is I am going to have to get it removed. :S 

You know, a smile and a ‘thank you’ can go a long way sometimes. :]

Stamped Bat Shirt {Tutorial}

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Marbled Pumpkins {Tutorial}

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