Wall-E T-Shirt {Tutorial}

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Hullo Everyone!

I have two questions for ya.

#1 I want a nice hair mask or hair oil, or something that helps your hair get smooth, shiny, and healthy. 

#2 I have very pale skin and I can’t find any affordable make-up that is a light enough shade. For any fair folk out there, what make-up brand works with your skin?

What products do you recommend?

Marbled Scarf {Tutorial}

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Music Sheet Clutch {Tutorial}

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Zipper Book Clutch {Tutorial}

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Flower Power Clutch {Tutorial}

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Book Clutch {Tutorial}

Found at: caughtonawhim

Bow Tie Clutch {Tutorial}

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Simple Clutch {Tutorial}

Found at: maddiemoes

Hey there! Can you show some tutorial on how to DIY some clutches or small classy handbag? :)

Sure can!! I will look up a few, I hope my version of classy and yours are the same. haha. I am not that fashionable. XD