So, that is that. I picked a few of my favorite projects I found at, click it for more projects! They have tons. :D

Herbal Tea Face Mist {Tutorial}

Found at: freepeople

Jalapeno Muscle Rub {Tutorial}

Inspired by Orange is the New Black 

Found at: freepeople

Pressed Paper {Tutorial}

Found at: freepeople

Zen Board {Tutorial}

Made with special paper that can be written on with water over and over. 

Found at: freepeople

Watercolor Mugs {Tutorial}

Found at: freepeople

I have found a pretty awesome blog and I am going to feature a bunch of their ideas in a little while!! :D

Macrame Satchel  {Tutorial}
Found at: alwaysrooney

I feel like I haven’t been here enough. I have been working third shift for the past few weeks so my whole schedule has been really messed up. 

If you have an Instagram I would like to add you! Here is mine: and here is my Facebook just in case you want to be

How have you been doing? Done anything interesting? Made anything interesting? Learned something new?

Yarn Chandelier {Tutorial}

Good use for scrap yarn!

Found at: hgtv

Pancake Beanbags {Tutorial}

These would be awesome beanbag chairs if you made them big!

Found at: lifeisaparty

Porthole Children’s Craft {Tutorial}

Found at: melissaanddoug

Flower Sun Catchers {Tutorial}

Found at: twigandtoadstool

Scarf Bunny Plush {Tutorial}

Found at: larkcrafts

Plush Bunny  {Tutorial}

Found at: chubbyhobby