Watercolor Map {How to}

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Pixel Painting {How to}

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The Pixel Painter: Meet 97-year-old Hal Lasko who served during WWII, is now legally blind, and spends his days drawing with Microsoft Paint from Windows ‘95. Watch this touching documentary about a man who jumps out of bed at night to “do what he dreams he could do.” Incredibly inspiring. 

String Art {How to}

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Crochet Playground 

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Giant Metal Paper Sculpture 

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Coffee Stirrer Art {How to}

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Marbled Leaf {How to}

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Paint Chip Art {how to}

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{Watercolor Tips} 

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Button Book {How to}

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Paper Print Nail Design{How To}

Pretty! Love this idea. :]

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Five Methods of Painting an Art Journal {How to}

Love all of them!

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Crayon Art {Inspiration}

Soooo pretty!!!

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